About Us

Located in a central position on King Street, along the Dowerin-Kalannie road, Cadoux Traders offers an extensive range of products and services to the local community, including agricultural chemicals, hardware, gardening supplies, groceries and postal service.

We service an area extending from Cadoux to include Manmanning, Edjanding, Kirwan, Burrakin, East Kondut, East Ballidu and surrounds.

The business was established in 1929 as a bush timber and tin store, as well as a post office, by Lucy Lego, a key identity in Cadoux’s history.

Three buildings were originally used for the business and its various enterprises, which also included a bank during the 1940s.

As the agricultural industry grew in the area, the business began stocking vital products and services for local broadacre farmers.

On June 2, 1979, a devastating earthquake struck Cadoux and caused significant damage to the town, largely destroying the Cadoux Traders’ buildings.

Jim Pulling and his wife, Betty, were the storekeepers at the time of the earthquake and Jim became trapped in the cool room when the quake hit.

Betty managed to get out and flagged down a local farmer, who was passing by, to help and he was able to pull Jim out from under the rubble, both unhurt.

Cadoux Traders was rebuilt as one building at twice its original size, and the business continued its commitment to provide the community with a store where customers could collect everything from their mail through to groceries and tractor parts.

Today, the store still serves as the hub of the community and provides a postal service, a large range of agricultural equipment, alcohol, groceries, a small community library and hosts regular community events.